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Shielded Patch Cables from LAPP

We are proud to be releasing a new range of Ethernet patch cables from LAPP KABEL. All these cables are shielded, and come in a variety of lengths from 0.3m up to 30m.

Data transmission is critical for most modern applications. Industrial environments are full of EMI interference, so it is essential to use a high quality patch cable. With LAPP you can trust you have the highest quality product available. 


Useful Point to Check

A screen only works if it is connected to ground. If it is not connected, then the screen has no effect on the cable in reducing EMI interference. To make sure you utilize the screen it is worthwhile always checking your device and how it grounds the RJ45 sockets.

Most MOXA industrial ethernet switches are connected internally, so the RJ45 socket on the font is common with the metal DIN rail device mounting clip. Everything is done for you (as long as your DIN rail is connected to earth). However for plastic housing components you may need to physically wire them to ground through a terminal. You can easy check your device using multi-meter if you are unsure.


Standard Stock Sizes

Length (m) CAT5e CAT6 CAT6A
0.3     LAPP-8100000180
0.5 LAPP-8100000121 LAPP-8100000161 LAPP-8100000181
1 LAPP-8100000122 LAPP-8100000162 LAPP-8100000182
1.5 LAPP-8100000123 LAPP-8100000163 LAPP-8100000183
2 LAPP-8100000124 LAPP-8100000164 LAPP-8100000184
3 LAPP-8100000125 LAPP-8100000165 LAPP-8100000185
5 LAPP-8100000126 LAPP-8100000166 LAPP-8100000186
7.5 LAPP-8100000127 LAPP-8100000167  
10 LAPP-8100000128 LAPP-8100000168 LAPP-8100000188
15 LAPP-8100000129 LAPP-8100000169  
20 LAPP-8100000130 LAPP-8100000170  
30 LAPP-8100000131    


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